Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Junk in the Journals

Lately, I've been into junk journals. Junk journals are pretty low-stress to make as they are, in essence, journals filled with junk. And man, I have a lot of junk.

Here's a look at three that I made recently for a Craftster swap. The covers are made from cardboard, and I then painted, stenciled, sprayed paint and used some dimensional paste to add interest. They are each held shut with binder circles that open and close, so the recipients can add in or take out whatever they want.

The green one is short and chunky -- lots of goodies in there. I also used part of a paper doily to add some texture to the cover.

The aqua one has some great texture going on -- this was using a new stencil that I picked up. They are either fireworks or chrysanthemums, I can't decide which.

The purple one was the largest of the three, as I had a lot of larger papers left to use. There's some stenciling action going on here, as well as some more texture. 

Let's take a look inside, shall we? Here are a few pages that are among my favorites. There are really no rules for junk journals. I added tags, old book pages, papers that I have stamped or sewed on, blotter pages, junk mail that we've gotten -- you name it, it's in there. Like Prego.

I find "Here are Tommy's train" amusing. I think the story went on to the next page which I didn't use, but here it's just terrible grammar. Also, keep those raffle tickets! You never know when you need a page tab.

I have enough materials to make about a hundred more junk journals, but it was really fun to make these for other people. Again, there are no rules here. Paint over these pages, add more in, stamp on them, draw on them, whatever you want. It's junk. And junk can be very freeing!

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