Thursday, September 17, 2015

Welcome, and why l will now "release the craftin'"

For my very first post, I want to thank anyone who reads this blog. I suspect it will contain a lot of nonsense and tomfoolery, with gratuitous photos of projects and general craft messes that are made along the way. I will post about things I am working on currently and things I have made in the past. I have made many, many things through the years, and it's about time that I stop squirreling away the memories of them.

Release the craftin' has come about after years of procrastination. Or rather, procrastination and self-doubt. I have a tendency, as I think many people probably do, to try to hide things about myself that I feel are a little off-beat. It's hard to bring up in general conversation that I like to turn doll-house furniture into Halloween-themed miniatures, or that I have a craft room in our basement that looks like it belongs in an episode of Hoarders. Why do we do that? Not talk about things that we truly enjoy? If I'm honest with myself, I think about making things all day long. At work. On the car ride home. At dinner. In the shower. So why stifle that?

I think we (or more specifically, I) stifle it because I do too much comparing. And it's hard to remember -- someone else will always be a more technically gifted artist, and another person will always have more creative ideas. But it doesn't mean that my ideas, or our ideas, aren't relevant. It's ok to show the world that you are good at something. It's even more ok to have fun doing it.

So let's do this! Let's release the craftin'! That creative monster that hides just beneath the surface is dying to be let out. And now I have about a million ideas for sea monster crafts.

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