Thursday, October 8, 2015

My Earliest Crafting Days (or why lace from the 1980s needs to stay in the 1980s)

Today, I thought I'd share a few amusing finds from a recent trip to my parents' house. My mother quite literally has boxes of things that I made before I hit the age of 10. Boxes. And I am now significantly older than 10. But it was really fun to realize that I have always loved to make things and play with paper. Here are a few winners from one box. 

On this masterpiece, I was rocking the '80s lace. I was obviously frustrated by glue (which is still a factor today), so it's all held on with tape -- which I have to say did a remarkable job through the years. The flower stickers also seemed to hold their own.

One of my first books! I'm shocked this was never published. "Facts about Cats!" could have been an NY Times Bestseller, I'm sure of it. This one amuses me for several reasons. 

1. I loved making books even back then.
2. I was obsessed with cats even back then.
3. I still love combining pink and red, which most people think is quite gross. Sometimes I add purple.
4. When I opened this book up, I saw that I had a page for each kind of cat that I could learn about. I used to have tons of books about cats, how to draw cats, what kinds of cat breeds there were, you name it. So inside there are four or five pages with cat drawings and my research findings. Then the rest of the pages are blank. I got tired of drawing new cats. I have lived a lifetime of not wanting to finish large projects!

Finally, to keep with this month's Halloween theme, here's my five-year-old attempt at being scary. And lazy, as I evidently didn't feel like making each person a card. Boo.

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