Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Mixed Media Halloween Chunky Houses

Here's a recent batch of mixed media "chunky houses." And yes, they were made for a Craftster swap.  (You should be seeing a pattern here.)

What are chunky houses, you ask? Chunky houses stand no higher than 7" in height, and are no wider than 5". Essentially, you create a flat little house out of whatever you want (these use little foam haunted houses as the base) and then you decorate the heck out of them. I used vintage sewing patterns to cover them, then embellished with other papers, ribbons, permanent markers, buttons, etc.

Both sides are done. I like to do similar themes for all the fronts, then do something unique on the reverse sides.

I have plans for a future tutorial on these, should you like to create your own!

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