Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Mr. Pumpkin Pants

Here's another little guy that I made for a Halloween swap -- the theme here, other than Halloween, was that it had to be something small and under 4". That's not always easy, as my projects tend to get a little out of control. But I managed to abide by the rules, and made this little ornament. I think he's pretty charming!

(I took these photos at work. Time is never on my side when it comes to good photos. Something else to work on.)

Here you can see his hanger a bit better -- it's made from wire, which I basically shoved through his little paper clay head and then secured into the spool below. (I apologize for the graphic details.)

I don't know why, but I love the back of his little head! I was also really happy with the shade of this orange.

A profile shot. I'm very fond of his nose. He has the same look of horror that I get when someone is taking a profile photo of me. 

And the other side, for good measure. He has little domino bead feet that I blinged up. His body is a spool, covered in a section from an old dictionary. One of the definitions is "black death" -- he needed a little creepiness to balance his overall cuteness.

And finally, a black and white shot for Halloween. For drama. 

I am hoping to make another one for myself -- a head is already drying. How gross does that sound?

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