Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Pumpkins For Sale! Not Really.

I have lots of new projects coming through the pipeline, but am totally exhausted this morning. So let's chat about another blast-from-the-past project. This one is one of my all-time favorite transformations! Here's my pumpkin stand.

It started out as this pink nightmare. I found this at a yard sale a couple of summers ago, and had a vision for it. Most importantly, that vision involved spray painting it black. (Pardon the lovely place mat in the background.)

Here's another angle of the finished stand. The boards across the windows and the sign are all made from chipboard. (Tim Holtz brand, I believe.) The bottles at the bottom are colored with alcohol inks. The pumpkins are these delightful little things that I believe are some sort of seed pod. I was on the hunt for these last weekend because they are just perfect for Halloween crafting, but none of the major stores carry them. I found two giant boxes of them at our local indoor flea market. Score!

A friend came over a few weeks ago and was in my craft room. She found a bag of moss and held it up, and said, "Why? Are you seriously using this?" Well, sometimes I do. Here's proof! Every overgrown pumpkin stand has some moss going on. 

I also enjoy the little stained glass window here. That's a Jolee's embellishment that I had hoarded for ages, and it worked very well in this piece. I also like the skull head in the bowl. (What does that say about me? Never mind.)

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