Friday, October 23, 2015

Owl Always Love Halloween

There are occasions where I make things for swaps that I wish I didn't give away. This would be one of those examples. I purchased two wooden owls at a yard sale that were unfinished, and the lady who sold them to me looked at me like I had two heads for even wanting them. But they were just calling out to me! ("Buy me... you'll paint me... it will be wonderful...")

This is the first of the owls. (The second has been in limbo for some time. I am planning on finishing it up this week. Good intentions and all that.)

I love vintage Halloween owls, so that's what happened to this little fella.

He was so glossy after I sprayed him with sealant -- but that was a great thing, because it really added to the look that I was hoping for.

I miss this one. The recipient loved him, so that's my consolation. The other owl will look nothing like this one, as my husband has requested a Day of the Dead motif. With luck, I'll be posting photos of that soon!

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