Friday, October 9, 2015

Typewriter mixed-media canvas

Here's a quick Friday post -- I made this canvas probably a year ago, and it hangs in my cubicle at work. As a writer by trade, I've always had an affinity for typewriters. My mother, aunt and uncle have all been transcriptionists, so typewriters were plentiful in our family. I loved the the way the text punched out, how the machine had funny little accessories that you'd never use on anything else (the ribbons, the little brush, the eraser) and how you had to use carbon paper if you wanted to magically make two copies of something. I wasn't crazy about the sound of an electric typewriter though -- they were loud. When my mother really got going on a transcript, it sounded like a small machine gun was firing away at her desk. 

I got this great typewriter image at A.C. Moore one day, and it made its way into a canvas, along with some dictionary text, some German text that someone sent to me in a swap, some washi tape with cursive writing on it. Then for good measure, there's lots of paint and gessoed stenciling. It was a nice little afternoon project.

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