Tuesday, November 17, 2015

A Fabric Journal Cover That's for the Birds

Drum roll please... 

This is one of my Top 10 favorite projects ever! And it has reached that ranking mainly because I wasn't sure that I could pull it off. Sewing is not my top skill, but I'm working on it. I absolutely adore mixed media fabric projects, and I think this sort of falls under that category since it's a journal cover. 

This was for another Craftster swap, and the challenge was to create a cover for a composition notebook. The plain green fabric is one of my favorites -- it's linen-like, if not actual linen. (One of my goals is to be able to better identify fabrics.) I have a mild batik obsession, so of course I had to incorporate some of that as well, and wanted to try my hand at a patch work look. Also, my partner loved birds, so I made mini appliques out of some bird fabric that I had.

I incorporated some crazy stitching too with embroidery floss. Oh, and beads. Tiny, annoying beads. (The things we do for crafts.)

I also tried this embroidery stitch for the first time, and have to say, it's a technique I will totally do again. It looks difficult, but is actually pretty simple. I love stuff like that.

A shot at the inside. I considered doing something fancy, but ended up liking the simplicity of the green.

This journal cover was definitely a project that I wish I had made for myself. Thankfully, I do have more of the linen left. That green is my favorite!

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