Friday, November 13, 2015

A Shrine to Crafting

I've been cleaning my craft room out this week, which is quite the undertaking. I love working with everything: paper, clay, fabric, glass, yarn, wool, buttons, jewelry, ribbons, odds and ends. It's a real hodge podge in there, and frankly, has been a disaster for the past few months. (My husband would argue, years.) So it's time to make some sense of things. When it's clean, I'll post pictures.

I made this shrine a few years ago for a Craftster swap, and I thought of it last night when I was doing some organizing. This kind of represents my brain when it comes to crafting -- I love all of this stuff so much. The background was a favorite scrapbook paper that I had hoarded, and you can see all the random little things in there that I have squirreled away.

The felt crown with the buttons on it was an unfinished project -- it was going to be a pin -- but it looked really cute in this. I made the tag with the rose on it, as well as the bunny pressed into paper clay that's above it. To the right is a Tim Holtz acrylic square with some alcohol inks on it, and music paper behind it. I also altered the key in the upper left corner with alcohol inks and a shiny flower.

I really liked the corners accents -- the swirls are old cake decorations that I scored at a yard sale. I got the girl in the prom dress there too. Those yard sales see me coming a mile away.

I have the craft room to prove it.

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