Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Absolutely Everything

This weekend, my favorite store in the world closed, and I am still mildly traumatized. Absolutely Everything was a mixed media and scrapbooking store in Topsfield, Mass. that sold, literally,  everything. They had stuff you didn't know existed! They had vintage things from people's personal stashes, all the latest in Ranger products, new products from new craft companies. It was a great mix of everything, and a wonderful resource to have locally. 

They used to have amazing yard sales that allowed customers to have tables outside while the store had huge clearance sales inside. This is a photo of my haul from this past summer. Amazing stuff. And because it was a yard sale, it was all at a fraction of what you'd normally pay. 

But what was really fun was going into a small store where everyone says hi, and they recognize you after you have been there a few times. (Or a thousand.) All the employees were warm and wonderful, and brought their own ideas to projects and classes.

It was incredible to have a place nearby that was trying new things, and that didn't just sell the mainstream craft stuff that they have at the big craft store chains. I credit Absolutely Everything for introducing me to craft and art mediums I may never have tried otherwise, and for having amazing classes that really inspired. (I took a class from Julie Fei-Fan Balzer there once! A dream come true!) 

I wish the very best for everyone at Absolutely Everything, and can assure them all that they will be missed. We need those small businesses that create communities and inspire people. They certainly did their share of that for nearly 20 years.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you Absolutely Everything!

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