Thursday, December 3, 2015

Peace Prayer Flag

I made this a few years ago for a prayer flag swap -- it was one of my first sewing projects. I also incorporated some paints and stamping into it, which opened up a new door for me in terms of mixed media. Painting on fabric feels kind of rebellious for some reason! You put paint on that fat quarter? You wild woman, you!

The purple swatch behind the text was made from a plain piece of fabric that I stamped metallic paint onto with bubble wrap. (Bubble wrap is one of the best craft supplies out there.) The peace text was done using a stamp set, and I inked in the open spots in the letters. The background fabric behind the peace sign was also created with bubble wrap and paint. More rebellious fun.

I thought maybe we could all use a little bit of this today. I hope you find peace today in your little corner of the world. And may there be messy painting on fabric in your near future. 

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