Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Paper Explosion

This post is kind of a mish-mosh of things -- but in general, I have a paper explosion going on in my craft room right now. (My husband might reply, "When don't you have a paper explosion going on?" Well played, sir. Well played.)

I've been working with layers, collage, molding pastes, inks, gelli plates... all that good stuff.  This is a 4x6 art piece that I made for a Craftster swap this month. The background uses sort of a paper mosaic technique, and it's layered with paints, gelatos, stenciled-on molding paste, paper bits, filigree -- all kinds of good stuff. I was really happy with the boldness of the green.

I am hosting a swap on Craftster that is finishing up -- we're swapping papers and ephemera, and it has been a blast. You fill up a medium flat-rate box and ship that puppy out. I had two partners, so while I thought I was purging a lot of stuff, I then received just as much back. But now it's all new and exciting. These are a couple of envelopes that I created to put some of that stuff in for the swap. I love these red envelopes! The stamps are hand carved (by me) and the edges are covered in fabric duck tape. (Which is fabulous, by the way!)

Then last night, I got my gelli on. I'm still not getting the types of prints that I really want, but I'm having fun and learning a lot. It's definitely a process. Here are a few shots of the state of my craft desk, along with some tags and prints I made. 

Not sure where these will end up, but I have ideas! I'm sure there will be many more paper explosions this week. I'll try to take pictures when it happens. 

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