Friday, March 18, 2016

Rain Prayer Flag

I'm posting this one today because I'm considering doing another prayer flag swap over on ye olde Craftster. This is a flag that I created for my very first prayer flag swap, and I really loved playing with all these materials. I dare say it was my first foray into the mixed media world involving fabric. 

Prayer flags measure around 4 x 7 inches (I think, it's early.) The background here is a lovely fabric that I've had in my stash for ages -- then I went ahead and layered "stuff." The "stuff" includes raindrops made from painted-on fabric and metallic fabric, a painted dryer sheet, more painted-on fabric up at the top, scrabble letters, and bobbly stuff at the bottom. (Again, this has a name. It's all eluding me at the moment.) 

This is displayed on a random piece of birch wood that decorates our living room. Random is the key word there!

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