Tuesday, August 29, 2017

My Heart on Craftster

Look, y'all! My Gelli heart made it onto the front page of Craftster as a featured project. Pretty exciting stuff, if you ask me. (And since this is my blog, you are asking.)

Friday, August 4, 2017

Tags, labels and paper feathers with the Gelli Plate

I have been doing a lot of futzing around lately with my Gelli plate, and having a darned good time doing it. The bright colors are super addicting to me! So yummy!

Here are some mini tags. I thought of adding embellishments and whatnot to these, but at the moment, I just love all the color and texture.

I discovered that you can gelli print on labels, which is a lot of fun for your altered book and paper projects. You do have to keep an eye on the stickers though, or else they stay on the Gelli plate and not on the sticker paper.


And I finally used this sheet of purple and blue Gelli printed paper that I have been hoarding and used it to make some awesome feathers with one of my Sizzix dies.

All in all, good times with Gelli plates! I can't stop printing! :D

The Gelli Print Rainbow Heart of Goodness

I've been doing a lot of gelli printing and painting on random papers lately, which is really addictive. And because it's so addictive, my stack of papers has been getting quite high and really needed to be used somewhere. I came across a $4 dollar paper mache heart at Michaels last weekend and realized it was the answer to my problem!


Using a 1" circle punch (honestly, that thing is the best craft investment I have ever made -- I use it a LOT), I went to town on my papers, selecting different colors for the look I was going for. 


Then, using some gel medium and starting at the bottom of the heart, I began to adhere circles in sort of a fish scale pattern. I decided I wanted a rainbow look, so I went through the colors accordingly and punched extra circles when I needed them.


Here's a look at a few of the papers I was playing with for this project.


After I adhered my circles, I went over the entire heart again with a layer of gel medium to seal it all down. In total, the project only took a few hours and used up a bit of my stash. 

I love the juicy colors of it. Honestly, rainbows just make me so darned happy.