Thursday, February 15, 2018

Valentine Bling

I made this bit of Valentine bling sometime in the past year, and have been waiting for the real day to wear it for the first time. This was made from a seriously awesome bezel that I had in my stash, some super gorgeous glitter flakes and Diamond Glaze -- a truly amazing product if you've never tried it. (Go try it. Thank me later.)

I had the heart done for a while but had trouble finding a chain that I liked to go with it. I found this sort of antique-y looking chain at Hobby Lobby (which as the best jewelry making selection in my area) and realized this was the one. 

It's so blingy that it's hard to photograph. All light is too much light.

I really loved wearing this yesterday for Valentine's Day. Time to make some more jewelry!

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

How Do I Love Thee Paper Mache Heart

I'm home today with the head cold from hell. So while I can open my eyes for more than five minutes at a time, I wanted to share one of my favorite projects that I've made recently: a paper mache heart.

I made this for a swap that I organized on Craftster -- a mixed media Valentine/heart swap. It was hard to give this one away. I forgot how much I LOVE working with paper mache. Like, love love love love and love. It's so messy, but the texture is so absolutely yummy when it dries. I don't know why I don't use it more often. (Now, maybe I will.)

The base of this heart is some cardboard that I had kicking around -- stuff that would have otherwise gone out in the recycling. I love when I can use something like that in a project. Trash to treasure, and that sort of thing. The poem is from an old poetry book that I had which has seen better days, so I have been using the text in various projects. (Also one of my favorite poems. Elizabeth Barrett Browning knew her stuff.)

I wanted the heart to be reversible in case the recipient didn't feel like displaying the poem. I used magenta, turquoise and gold liquid acrylics from Golden -- pretty much my new favorite color combination, as well as paints. They are just beautiful to work with.

I've been hoarding that bit of ribbon for ages. It was hard to part with (I know, it's just a scrap of ribbon... but if you are a supply hoarder like me, you get what I'm saying here...), but sometimes you just know when something is meant to go with a piece. That ribbon was meant for that heart.

I am definitely planning to make more of these in the future. They are incredibly easy to put together -- the hardest part for me is waiting for it to dry! Drying is not fun. But it does dry overnight, if you have patience for that sort of thing.
On occasion, I do. 

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Hot Bob

I hosted a "Be My Snarky Valentine" swap over at Craftster, and this is what I came up with. I am loving working with images of vintage housewives lately. And I love snark. So it's really the best of both worlds.

So may I present to you, Hot Bob.

The box is from the Tim Holtz line -- a set of these were on sale at Michael's a few months ago, so I had to snag them. I kind of love the red and white harlequin paper too. And the red heart bling. And the cake on top. (That's an eraser.)

View of the back.

Another look at Bob, so proud of his apron and cooking abilities. His wife can barely keep her hands off of him! 

I love that she's tying his apron for him. And her shoes are fantastic! I certainly don't do domestic work wearing anything like that. Thank goodness.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Christmas Catch Up

Christmas was about a month and a half ago and we are (I am) eagerly awaiting Valentine's Day. It  about time to get some Christmas projects up here! Then you can see Valentine's stuff at Easter. Ha. I kill me.

I love this lady. I made her for the Snarky Christmas ornament swap on Craftster that I organized and enjoyed thoroughly. The base is part of a chipboard kit that I've had pretty much forever, so I painted that sucker gold. I adore the red and white polka dot paper in the background and have also had that for quite some time. The sign is made from chipboard, covered with red nail polish (I'm playing with that as a new medium!) and a bit of gold along the edges. The bottle and holly are some embellishments that I recently acquired at Hobby Lobby and on Etsy.

Seriously, I adore her.

Next up, I got these white faux bottle cap things with plastic cabochons in the discount bin at a craft store -- not sure which one. I do remember, however, that they were 19 cents for a set of six. I should have bought a case of them, but only bought the two sets that I saw on the top of the bin. They are a perfect fit for some circular vintage images that I had, and I can't wait to use them.

Next up, the front and back of a little matchbox shrine that I made for a Craftster swap. The house is a hotel from a Monopoly game, the background is from vintage wrapping paper, the spool of thread and button on top are straight out of my vintage hoard.

I was also involved in a card/tag swap on Craftster -- here are a few that came out of that process. My favorite is this little snowman.

The background of this card is from a set that I purchased at Michaels -- the polka dots are flocked! I'm really digging this Tim Holtz stamp on craft paper, too.

The red and white paper on this card is from a selection of handmade art papers that I got at a local shop. The gal is another vintage image. I feel like I look like this throughout the month of December -- always carrying 20 things at a time.

I didn't get as much Christmas crafting done as I would have liked, but this represents a good selection of what happened. I really have to take better photos of things as I make them. I tend to craft right up until my swap deadlines and then take marginally ok photos at work. 

And now you know what my New Year's resolution was!