Such a big milestone!

Hey Guys! Welcome to the inaugural launch of my Pattern by Etsy website! I'm really excited to expand my shop here and thought I'd start off this first blog post with some thoughts and feelings. 

Firstly, THANK YOU! For all of the support I receive on Etsy, YouTube, Instagram, and in real life! Without that support none of this would be possible. 

I had been thinking of ways to expand my shop and see how I could further connect with all of you and one of the things on the list was a website. I debated going back and forth on how I would approach it, and honestly I appreciate the integration here with my Etsy. I like having things in one place, it makes it easier to come back to and I don't really have to worry about updating multiple platforms. Well at least, one platform less than I would have on an independent site. That being said, I don't know how long term this will be I may decide in the future to go full on solo with my own independent site, but as far as what my needs are now this will more than suffice. 

The thing that excites me here is that I'll get to share blog posts, which will allow me to give more behind the scenes, and more access to current events. The first of which will be my November Poetry challenge. I'll be able to share the prompt list here which will make it easier to find. Another thing that really made me want to get my own site is the ability to offer freebies here directly to y'all. I have a few up on my Facebook, but those of you who know, know that I don't actually check my Facebook very often so there's a bit of  a disconnect there. Yes I use Instagram's share feature to upload relevant posts to my shop page but that's about it. So my relationship being tenuous with Facebook has meant that I don't offer as many freebies as I would like to. 

So not much else to say here except that I'm excited and that I look forward to sharing more with y'all here, stay tuned for that and look forward to what we have coming to the shop and the channel in the next few weeks! 

                                  I appreciate your faces! 

                                                     - Priscilla