Hey, y'all! If you were watching my channel at the beginning of the year when I did my update and recap video you may have remembered me talking about a challenge that I made for myself when I'm feeling stuck. Essentially It's a list of prompts and a list of challenges that I divided into two envelopes so that whenever I'm feeling unmotivated or stuck I can draw one from each envelope and just go where the passion takes me. 

I'd like to say that I've been so busy I hadn't had the chance to make the prompt list for you, but that's not really true. I made the prompt list months ago when my Grandmother asked me about it (she watches my Youtube y'all!). So I put it together the next day because she was interested in it. And then, in the way that is standard for someone with ADHD like me. . . 

I forgot about it. 

And I kept forgetting about it. 

I'd remember every time I saw the graphic in my files and that would last only until I clicked away to a different screen and it would be lost in the annals of my memories until I recovered it again. Just like my blog. ( I forget I have one all the time! ) But in a strange moment of Superior Executive Function, I have not only remembered but also gone so far as to upload them to the site for those of you who need a little assistance when you're feeling stuck. 

Now, this isn't an official challenge. There's no prize for completing it. . . except maybe an intense feeling of achievement? The challenge here is to Unstick your Art. Feelings of stuckness, a lack of motivation, a loss of mojo, whatever you call it, it can happen to us all. While there are many people, with just as many suggestions on what you can do when you find yourself in this position, I have always found the best approach to getting back on track is doing something out of the box. You can't see the box when you're inside it, and sometimes our feelings and ideas get so piled up in there that we don't know how to navigate our way out to get back on track. So I made this challenge for myself so that when I don't know where to go I can reach for it as often as I need to, to get back on track. 

My hope with this challenge is that it helps you when you're feeling down and unmotivated to find your way back to what brings you joy, creating. 

Happy Crafting my friends