Hey Campers! Week 2 just wrapped up and it's been a blast! Unfortunately, life gets in the way sometimes and unforeseen circumstances occur. So one of our counselors had to step back but luckily we had another Counselor volunteer to take their place! 

Lori Uba @Terrific Tomes joined Camp Craftopia's roster of Counselors and we're beyond grateful and a little bit more than chuffed to welcome her into the fold! 

All that being said, some scheduling changes had to be made, both calendars have been updated as well as the Creativity Passport for those of you who perhaps haven't downloaded it already! They're available below. There's also a special treat, a bonus freebie download featuring my Sasquatch polaroid and an alternate Mothman version (from the test phase), and just the icons for the activity passport if you downloaded yours already and want to make the relevant adjustments to it. 

So check out the materials below and don't forget to follow along on our Summer Camp Takeover journey to see where to go next! See what everyone's making by following the #craftsct22 tag on Instagram and join in the Summer Camp fun! 

Until next time! Happy Camping!

<3 Camp Counselor Priscilla